The Best Barbershops in Ukraine

If you’re looking to find an authentic barbershop in Ukraine or a stylish place to trim your beard make sure to check out this list of the top barber shops in Ukraine.

Kult located in Odessa’s Old Town, is a minimalist establishment that also includes an e-tattoo shop as well as beauty salons. Sivak&Parters, a local studio, was able to finish Kult’s 100-square-metre interior in three months.

1. Kult

Kult is an online role-playing game that’s been in existence since 1991 and has been translated into several languages. Originally published by Target Games, the game has gone through a few editions and new supplements.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic time and is intended for players of all ages. It’s a horror-themed game which lets you confront your fears and nightmares.

It’s also a game that requires you to be honest and honest with your GM on what you are allowed and not allowed to perform in the game. For example the GM can’t allow you to be in the corner, checking your phone, making bad jokes or distracting other players.

This is in keeping with the publisher’s position regarding player safety. Helmgast, the Swedish company has released a variety of games, such as Conan and Star Trek Adventures.

The person who is the GM must also make an effort to avoid violence or inappropriate conduct. Before a session is initiated, it is essential that all players are familiar with the rules and have signed up to them.

Kult is a different RPG than most other RPGs in regards to monsters. Kult is a horror-themed RPG, unlike other fantasy RPGs, which tend to be more friendly and have higher stats for monsters.

These creatures can be found in the game’s many hell realms. These are typically filled with people suffering from mental illness.

There are many options to aid your character to get through the darkest areas of the world. One option is to transform into the Soulsaving Crusader.

Another alternative is to become a Torture Technician. The former can help you fight off enemies, while the latter can provide you with the ability or weapon you need.

These abilities can help you overcome challenges your character faces in a world that is full of evil and madness. They can also aid you to be stronger than the creatures who want to kill and destroy you.


In Ukraine there is a barbershop culture that has been growing quite quickly. It’s a great attraction for both tourists and natives alike.

One of the top Ukraine barbershops is BRAZOR in Kiev, where you can get a professional-looking haircut for less than UAH 250. The shop also features an open-air terrace and a bar, as well being a game room that is able to be booked for small groups. It’s the ideal place to spend just a few hours with your loved ones.

Another is Daboroda, where you can have hair that looks like the finely sculpted pieces of art. The shop also has a spa-like ambiance in which you can unwind after your haircut with a hot cup of coffee.

Besides a great haircut, the shop offers a revolutionary facial shave, complete with a cold lavender oil-infused towel wrap and a refreshing face massage that includes cooling after-shave. This is the only one in Kiev to offer this specific aspect.

It’s also the most affordable barbershop that is exclusively for men, where you can have an old-fashioned head-totoe shave for just under UAH 250. The store is run by two brothers. They’ve been operating for a few years.

The best thing about this shop is the way the owners have managed bring the old-fashioned feel into the modern Kiev. The store is in the process of being transformed to resemble an old-fashioned barbershop. It will have the hot-shave section being expanded and more seating, according to the owner, Mike Myers. The company also has plans to build a non-alcoholic bar, a dartboard and wooden chairs in the near future.

3. Hottabych

The bar is located in the heart of downtown. The bar is highly praised by its friendly staff, excellent food and impeccable service. The bar has a fantastic selection of drinks and has very cheap costs.

The bar owner is very creative and knows how to treat his customers. He is also well-known throughout the region for his work.

He is also known to employ various gimmicks in his work. He will make his guests feel comfortable and relaxed with his magic.

He is often rated highly. This bar is very well-known in the Ukraine and you should visit it if you’re seeking a memorable night out!

Based on the novel Old Man Hottabych by Lazar Ginzburg, the film is inspired. The book tells the story of a child named Volka who discovers an unopened jug within the Moscow river and opens it to find an Oriental genie named Hassan Abdurahman Imn Hottab in front of him. Volka is thankful for the release of him from his 2 000-year-long confinement and the genie becomes his keeper. The genie gifts him presents and takes him on a magical adventure to show his gratitude.

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